Louise Ironside

Louise is a classically trained musician from the UK.  She started her musical journey at 3, when her mother taught her how to play recorder, and she still remembers the first time she ever visited a music school at the age of 5, heard beautiful unfamiliar sounds emanating from every room, and thought: “I want to live here!”

She grew up near London and earned scholarships to study cello and piano at Trinity College of Music, before obtaining her music degree from the University of Leeds. She spent a lot of time in New York, where she was Head of the music department at a performing arts camp. She lived in Scotland for 7 years, where she managed a community arts venue, alongside teaching music lessons, performing in bands and musical directing.

Louise moved to Canada in 2010, and began working with the VSO School of Music shortly after. Beginning as Registrar, she has seen the school grow rapidly into a successful and exciting institution, and as Assistant Director she hopes to contribute to the continued growth of this amazing community.

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