Elementary Piano Pedagogy — Preparing to Teach the Beginning Pianist

This 30-lesson course is designed to prepare pianists to earn the RCM Elementary Piano Pedagogy Certificate, gaining RCM certification to teach pianists from the beginning stages up to and including Grade 2. An ideal opportunity for young teachers who are just establishing their studios and for mature teachers who wish to upgrade their qualifications, the course includes comprehensive curriculum and exam preparation for the Viva Voce (interactive oral exam) and written exams.

Instructor: Aline Banno
Recommended for: Students playing at RCM Grade 9+ and aged 14 years+
Dates & Times: Adult class: Fridays, 10:30am. Youth class: Saturdays, 2:15pm
Class/Course Duration: 90 minute classes. Full year course (30 weeks)
Fees: $2,200 (full year course)
Material fee: approx. $200

Registration fees may apply

Enrollment limited to 4 per class
Minimum enrollment requirement

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