Harp Resources

Resources for the Harp Masterclass




Week 1

Brahms Volpe Bligh Lullaby 1
Brahms Volpe Bligh Lullaby 2
Brahms Volpe Bligh Lullaby 3
Brahms Wiegenlied IMSLP
Dvorak EVB New World

Exercises and Articles
Anti-buzzing exercise
C. Mclaughlin article on learning
Daily Exercise – Judy Loman
Form Checklist Susann Mcdonald
Phil Perkins excerpts
Salzedo Method Book p 13

Week 2

Bouree Technique
Circle Of Fifths
Bach – Because All Men Are Brothers
Grossi Warmup
Intermediate Piece Largo Page 1
Intermediate Piece Largo Page 2


Week 3

Downstairs Spider
Belle Virginie in C soprano and harp


Week 4

Rhythm practice
Intermediate Piece La Paloma Lead Sheet
Beginner and Intermediate Class Piece Pajaro Campana


Week 5

Carolan’s Dream Kim Robertson
Mist-Covered Mountains of Home


Week 6

Georgia on My Mind
Blue Moon
Twelve Bar Blues Improvising

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