Jazz Vocal Ensemble Audition Form

Thank you for your interest in the VSO School of Music’s Jazz Vocal Ensemble! Please carefully read the following audition requirements before submitting this form.

There are 3 requirements (listed below) as part of your audition. You may choose to record all 3 requirements in a single video file, edit them together into a single video file, or upload the 3 requirements as separate video files in a single folder (in this case, please share the link to the entire folder). The 3 audition requirements are:

  1. Sing one song of your own choice from the standard jazz, musical theatre, or pop repertoire.
  2. Sing one of the following jazz standards: Fly Me To the Moon, All of Me, or Autumn Leaves. One, 32 bar chorus only, a cappella, in your most comfortable key.
  3. Sing the following scales, ascending and descending, in a comfortable key: major scale, dorian mode, blues scale and chromatic scale.

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