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VSOSoM Communicable Disease Safety Protocols 

The VSO School of Music has undertaken an exhaustive approach to identifying and implementing strategies that will keep students, faculty, staff, and guests safe from the spread of communicable diseases, such as COVID-19. In line with our local health authority, the VSO School of Music no longer has any pandemic restrictions in place.

If you are sick and have symptoms of illness such as cough, fever, or sneezing, we ask that you do not enter the facility. These policies apply to all VSO Musicians, VSO Staff, SoM Staff, Students, Parents, and Guests. For school policies, including missed lessons, please click here.


  • The VSO and VSO School of Music do not require students, faculty, or staff to wear face masks while on campus.
  • Some faculty may require students to wear a mask during lessons, at the discretion of your instructor.
  • Wearing a mask has been proven to stop the spread of infectious disease, and we support any individual who would prefer to wear a face mask while on campus.


  • All staff, faculty, students, and guests are asked to wash their hands upon entering and exiting the building and before and after room use.
  • Common Areas and high touch surfaces throughout the building are sanitized daily.
  • Cleaning staff are on site every day to maintain the hygiene of our facilities.
  • Hand sanitizer stations can be found on each floor, and are available in all studios and classrooms.
  • Air handling systems have been modified to increase the outside air intake and allow greater air exchange throughout the facility. The air is circulated 4 times an hour.

We continue to work to make our students and faculty feel safe from transmissible diseases. If there is anything we could do better, please reach out to us at info@vsoschoolofmusic.ca.

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