School Policies


Registration for private lessons takes place through the School Registration team only. Registration for group classes may be completed with the Registration team, or online.
Tuition and fees must be paid according to one of the payment options shown below, a minimum of one week before a student may begin instruction or program participation.
All students are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee as follows:
– Private instrumental instruction and group classes: $55 covers the whole school year (Sep-Aug) and includes any additional classes
– One-day classes and music appreciation classes have no registration fees
– Discounted registration of $80 per school year for family registration (2 or more students)
Lesson days and times are not held over from year to year, but returning students are given a priority registration period to secure their teacher and timeslot.

Payment Options

Payment in Full

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, credit card or Interac

Monthly Pre-authorized Payments

First payment (Cash, Cheque, credit card or Interac) covers the first month’s lessons plus the registration fee.
Remaining payments can be charged to a credit card on a monthly basis. A $25.00 service charge will be applied for any payment from accounts with insufficient funds (NSF)

Post-Dated Cheques

First payment covers the first month’s lessons plus the registration fee.
Remaining cheques must be post-dated according to the payment schedule.
A $25.00 service charge will be applied for any returned cheques from accounts with insufficient funds (NSF)
More than one NSF will result in the loss of cheque writing privileges

Private Lessons

Lessons are offered:
– As a full year of weekly lessons (36 weeks)
– Weekly, for the term (Fall – 14 lessons; Winter – 9 lessons; Spring – 13 lessons)
– In an introductory package of 4 lessons, for new students desiring a “trial period” with a teacher or instrument
– Special schedules, e.g. bi-weekly lessons, may sometimes be accommodated at the discretion of the teacher. Please contact the Registrar to discuss your scheduling needs.
Full year lessons: Students signing up for the full year of lessons will have first priority to maintain consistent lesson days and times from term to term.
Students may enroll in lessons at any time of the year
60 min, 45 min or 30 min lessons are available
All lessons are scheduled at the mutual availability of student and teacher

Lesson Attendance

Student Absences

If a student is aware of an upcoming absence – e.g. vacation – the student should inform the Registrar at the time of registration and, with the Instructor’s permission, the number of lessons can be adjusted at the time of registration only.

Once a student has committed to a specific number of lessons, the teacher reserves these times for the student. Students are expected to attend each lesson he/she has reserved with the teacher. Missed lessons by the student will only be made up under special circumstances, at the discretion of the teacher.
Excessive cancellations may jeopardize a student’s privilege to make-up lessons.

Instructor Absences

Members of the faculty are active performers in the field. From time to time, their performance schedules may necessitate rescheduling a lesson.
If an Instructor is absent, every effort will be made to provide a make-up lesson at a time that is suitable to both the student and the Instructor. If the Instructor is unable to make up a lesson, the student will receive a refund, or credit to be applied to future lessons or classes.
Refunds/credits for Instructor absences will be issued only upon written notice from the Instructor.

Holidays and Closures

The School is closed on all statutory holidays and VSB and CSF Winter and Spring holidays. Please check our online calendar for information on holidays and other important dates. Statutory holidays are taken into account in the number of lessons booked at the time of registration. Lessons will not take place on these dates. Private lessons missed due to a School closure, such as a snow day, will be made up if possible.

Changing Instructors

It is highly recommended that students do not change instructors during the school year, in order to avoid a negative impact on their progress. For changes that occur during the school year, the Registrar must confirm approval before any transfer can be made.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Group Classes: If a student needs to withdraw from a group class up to two weeks before it has started, then any fees paid will be transferred to a school credit. No credits will be issued if a student withdraws from a group class less than two weeks before the start date.

Private Lessons: If a student wishes to withdraw from private lessons, one month’s notice to the Instructor is required. The date of notice will be the date the Instructor submits a withdrawal form to the School’s administration. Automatic payment schedules will be suspended only once payment is received for lessons up until the official withdrawal date.

If a student’s behavior is deemed consistently disruptive to a class, after consultation with the parents, the teacher will have the right to refuse entry to the class.

Summer Activity Policies

Registration: All registrations will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  A student will be registered only when fees for a summer session have been received in full.  All summer sessions have minimum enrollment requirements which must be met in order for the class to take place.  If you have registered for as class that does not meet its minimum enrollment, you will be notified at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled date and any fees paid will be fully refunded.  All instructors are subject to change.

Withdrawals and Refunds: Capacity at summer sessions is limited.  Your tuition payment guarantees your spot.  If you need to withdraw after registering and another student is waiting to take your place, your tuition will be refunded.  If another student cannot take the spot, then fees paid will be transferred to a School credit, for your use in the following term or school year.  No credits will be issued if a student withdraws from an activity less than two weeks before the start date.

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