Music and Math

Music and Math have a remarkable relationship. If you listen to music or make music, you are doing math and you’ll appreciate it even more when you learn about the math structure of tone, pitch, rhythm, tuning and symmetry. This 5 part series is presented by Jonathan Berkowitz who will take you on a journey that delves into the connections that music and math have. Watch these educational and engaging videos that are provided FREE of charge thanks to the VSO and the VSO School of Music. A new lesson will be released every Monday by 10am, Pacific Time, starting January 15, 2024. No registration required.

January 15 | Lesson 1: Rhythm by the Numbers

January 22 | Lesson 2: Why the Octave?

January 29 | Lesson 3: Intervals, Scales, Tuning

February 5 | Lesson 4: Symmetry and Transformations

February 12 | Lesson 5: The Coda

About Jonathan Berkowitz

Professionally, Jonathan Berkowitz Ph.D. (Statistics, University of Toronto) leads a double life. He is a consulting statistician in private practice with Berkowitz & Associates Consulting Inc., and a Full-Time Lecturer with the Sauder School of Business and the University of British Columbia. Jonathan is also The Word Guy on CBC Radio 1’s North by Northwest.

Jonathan Berkowitz was interviewed on CBC Radio North by Northwest with Margaret Gallagher.

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