Transforming Early Childhood Education Through Music

Between January and June 2019, the VSO School of Music will be delivering a large scale Early Years music project, building on its successful First Sounds and Mini Music Makers programs

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: 5 contrasting Early Learning and Childcare Centers will receive weekly music sessions from our Early Years faculty. Through this we will be working closely with Early Childhood Educators to provide them with tools to help them with the delivery of high quality, effective music education in their everyday practice

IMPACT MEASUREMENT: The VSO School of Music spring term and spring break Early Years classes will integrate research tracking literacy gains as well as attachment between parent or caregiver and child

RESOURCES: A series of digital resources will be built which will be freely available to anyone wishing to build high quality music making into their daily routines with children ages 0-5

For more information, contact Learning Programs Director, Gillian Hunter-Gibbs at gillian@vsoschoolofmusic.ca

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s ESDC ELCC Innovations in Music Education program

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